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is a dreamer who likes to look at the stars and enjoy the beauty of butterflies. He loves the taste of wild strawberries. He is shy and naive but can also be quite brave.



is reasonable and keeps both feet on the ground. She likes to take precautions and always carries stuff which may turn out to be useful like tissues, rain boots or a safety pin. You can count on



is not very talkative. There is nothing he could not build or fix. He is ingenious beyond words.



is an artist with looney ideas. He creates beautiful and utterly impractical things. He loves beauty and is deeply sensitive.



lives on the very top of a linden tree. The Old Wriggle is very wise but his advice is rather peculiar and not always easy to understand at first.



often gets in trouble. She is a smarty pants and likes to grumble but has a big heart.



is a giant hairy night butterfly released by Bertha and Buby. He is a devoted friend to the Wriggles. He is a loner and outsider. He disappears and comes back quite unexpectedly.



is the villain of this series. A mysterious, constantly dishevelled creature. But if we dressed her right and put her hair in order, she would turn into a lovely girl!



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